Marttina Series amps are solid-state bass amplifiers suitable for practicing at home or studio recording or stage performance. Power range 10 watts to 520 watts with built-in effects like overdrive, equalizer, compressor, multichannel mixing, external speaker out, effect in/out facilities, etc. These amps are very durable, compatible for rough use and traveling. Band performance like home practice or stage performance Martina series amps would offer you crystal clear bass and looks (various colored designs) and also the ability to connect other speaker systems through external output. Every model comes with warranty facility; directions of tone adjusting are in user manual. With auxiliary input you won’t have to buy a different amplifier, Martina series will do it for you.

Marttina Series Amplifiers

Bassists are very choosy about their amps and tones. Bass frequencies are the ornament of a true tune. But designing a bass amp is a lot of work. There are many options in the market to choose, but our goal is to arrange a lot of features in the combo pack, where cost is one of our main concerns.

First in the basic preamp 700-900Hz cut off frequency is been applied. After that overdrive preamp has been induced (except Martina 8 & Martina 10). A low-pass filter preamp is a must; especially for low-budget basses. Then comes the compressor. In every model of Martina series a simple opto-compressor has been placed. An active Equalizer or tone control has been inserted. Active eqs are very responsive, so you don’t have to think about external equalizers. Send/return feature is available from Martina 14 to above. Keep the above things in mind we have designed Martina series.

Specially designed speakers are been used in Martina series. A tweeter is also been placed in Martina 14, 16, 18, 16D, 18D. 1.8 kHz passive crossover frequency is been maintained in all.

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Available Martina Series Models

Martina 8
 Power : 10 watt  ||  Speaker : 1 x 6 Inch
Martina 10
 Power : 20 watt  ||  Speaker : 1 x 8 Inch
Martina 12
 Power : 45 watt  ||  Speaker : 1 x 10 Inch
Martina 14
 Power : 80 watt  ||  Speaker : 4 x 8 Inch
Martina 16
 Power : 150 watt  ||  Speaker : 1 x 12 Inch
Martina 18
 Power : 280 watt  ||  Speaker : 1 x 15 Inch
Martina 16D
 Power : 320 watt  ||  Speaker : 2 x 12 Inch
Martina 18D
 Power : 520 watt  ||  Speaker : 2 x 15 Inch

Other Amp Series

Alphanso Rock 52
52 watt || Guitar Amp

Alphanso Rock 52
52 watt || Guitar Amp

Alphanso Rock 52
52 watt || Guitar Amp