Rock Series amps are solid-state amplifiers fit as practice amp or studio or stage every step. Power range 10 watts to 228 watts with built-in effects like overdrive, delay, equalizer, compressor, multichannel mixing, external speaker out, effect in/out facilities, etc. These amps are more durable than ever, compatible for rough use and traveling. Band performance like home practice or stage performance rock series amps will blow your mind with its crystal clear sound and looks (various colored designs) and also the ability to connect other speaker systems through external output. Every model comes with warranty facility, direction of tone adjusting on user manual. With multiple input facility you won’t need to purchase different amps for different instruments, this one can handle almost everything.

Rock Series Amplifiers

Now a day’s people are not satisfied with only one kind of tone. Keeping that in mind we have designed solid state amplifiers in rock series. Because tubes are expensive. These days uses of amp simulation rather than amp can be seen more often. Amp simulator users are increasing more and more for home practice to studio use. Although simulators could never sound like the hardware amp, rather than an experimental tone generator. Of course our aim is to consider people’s financial state, so that the rock series has been designed to be cost effective.

While designing it was carefully observed that the operational amplifiers of pre-amp stages work at its full capability and also maintain the sound quality. More than two stages of pre-amps have been used. A low pass filter has been used to filter out unexpected high frequencies (RF). But user must be careful of using a good instrument cable, otherwise unexpected noise may generate in the pre-amp.

In sound mixing an adder op-amp has been used to ensure that each individual channel can perform at its full potential. Active equalizer setup has been used in each amp instead of passive equalizer. That’s why full equalizer value would be never needed. One will find enough response with a little change in equalizer value.

All rock series amps except for rock 10 have external speaker output. With this external output you can play with the help of other speaker cabinets. Here we recommend Alphanso candor cabinets for highest satisfactory sound

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Cabinet Manufacturing Details

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Available Rock Series Models

Rock 10
 Power : 10 watt  ||  Speaker : 1 x 4 Inch
Rock 22
 Power : 22 watt  ||  Speaker : 1 x 6 Inch
Rock 52
 Power : 52 watt  ||  Speaker : 2 x 6 Inch
Rock 105
 Power : 105 watt  ||  Speaker : 2 x 8 Inch
Rock 105ex
 Power : 105 watt  ||  Speaker : 2 x 8 Inch
Rock 155
 Power : 155 watt  ||  Speaker : 2 x 10 Inch
Rock 228
 Power : 228 watt  ||  Speaker : 2 x 12 Inch

Other Amp Series

Alphanso Rock 52
52 watt || Guitar Amp

Alphanso Rock 52
52 watt || Guitar Amp

Alphanso Rock 52
52 watt || Guitar Amp