Alphanso Rock 10 is a miniature guitar amplifier suitable for home practice. For beginners or professional users Rock 10 can draw out your guitar to life. Its various coloured designs and looks will enhance your room exquisiteness. To understand its full competence, here is some overview or primary observation before purchase. For a complete study of the amp, you can download its user manual and look through it. With dual input facilities, you don’t need to purchase different amps for backing tracks, this one can handle both.


Product Overview

Alphanso Rock 10 is designed from the modern integrated circuitry. It’s a solid-state semiconductor amplifier. This one is able to handle 2 input signals at a time (one mono and one stereo). 10 watt is sufficient for home practice with electric guitars or acoustic guitars. Inside this small combo amp, a 4 inch speaker has been attached and that could reveal your guitar tone easily. Your guitar tone would be very sharp. Rock 10 amp has its own built-in overdrive effect with gain control; delay control, single band tone control that responses upto ±12dB, and 2 stereo channels.


  1⁄4 inch Mono TRS Jack input. A maximum of 3m/10ft instrument cable needs to be used. Always use a low noise high quality cable to avoid unexpected hum. Gain control works in both clean and overdrive channels. The clean/OD switch is the clean or overdrive tone selection switch. The level is the volume control of the both clean pre-amp channel and overdrive channel.

 ② The delay control works on the guitar channel only. You can easily bypass this effect just by the on/off switch. This knob controls how long it would take to repeat the sound (4ms to 720ms), and how many times the sound would feed into the signal; max 8 times at a same time.
    N.B. This is not reverb but delay. Reverberation and delay are two methods of signal processing that are often incorrectly equated. The confusion comes from the fact that they are so closely related. Reverb and delay aren’t completely unrelated effects — reverb can be thought of as a network of many short delays.

 ③ Single band equalizer control. It is an active equalize, so the response is huge. The equalizer responses over ±12dB bass, and ±12dB treble. Follow the user manual’s recommendations.

 ④ Rock 10 has 2 x 3.5mm stereo channels. The left one can handle upto 1dBV (stereo) auxiliary input. The volume of auxiliary input needs to control from the source. The right one delivers sound to headphones or recording input and can deliver upto 450mW to 45Ω load.

 ⑤ This is the master volume that controls the main power amplifier’s sound, which means it works for the speaker only. It won’t effect on headphone output. N.B. pre-amp volume level should be as same as the master volume.

Additional information:
Power Switch: Rock 10 has a power switch with a red light indicator.
Back panel:
Power Socket: The power cable is removable from the amp and would be needed to change in case of damage.

Warranty :

 ⚠️ Every Rock 10 product comes with 90 days’ warranty period. For any kind of circuit failure, the warranty will protect your money. But in some cases that won’t be applicable. Let us explain; in case of burns, broken parts, or any repair being undertaken; that will void the warranty.

 ⚡ Electronics are very sensitive products. A slight mistake could cost you an amp; voltage fluctuation, overheat, humidity, or loose connection anything can cause a faulty current situation. In these cases, an amplifier needs to repair. There are no customer editable parts inside. Only qualified service personnel are recommended for repairing.


Model Types Power Technology
Rock 10 Lead Amp 10 watt Solid State
Input Speakers Outputs External Output
2 1 x 4inch 3.5mm Stereo None
Overdrive Delay Equalizer Compressor
Yes Yes Tone Control None
Height Width Depth Weight
8.25in / 21cm 8.5in / 21.6cm 5in / 12.7cm 2.1kg / 4.6lbs




Rock 10


Lead Amp


10 watt


Solid State







3.5mm Stereo

External Output:








Tone Control





8.25in / 21cm


8.5in / 21.6cm


5in / 12.7cm


2.1kg / 4.6lbs


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