SUM Series amps are solid state mixer amplifiers suitable for live performance specially home or indoor environment. These are two cabinet setups. Power range 80 watts to 400 watts, but without external speaker they would provide half of their capacity. They have tone controls, delay and equalizer effects built-in and also have multichannel mixing, record out, auxiliary input facilities. These combo pairs are very durable and able to run in rough environment. For band practice sum series amps could provide very crystal clear sound with bassy fill and looks. Every model comes with warranty facility and directions of tone adjusting on user manual. With multiple input facility you won’t need to purchase different amps for different instruments, this one can handle almost everything.

SUM Series Amplifiers

Multichannel amplifiers are very popular among band musicians. Although USB interfaces are ruling in studios now a day, but couldn’t replace mixers. Mixers are essential for combining multiple channel in live performance, because that’s how live sound works. Preamps are very important here cause there are no dedicated channel for any specific instrument.From low gain mic to high gain line input; a mixer should be able to process any kind of signal. Sum series amplifiers have their own tweeter inside. Every amp can run same powered speaker and needed to connect to get its full capability, otherwise the amp will run half of its power.

Available Rock Series Models

 Power : 80 watt  ||  Speaker : 4 x 6 Inch
 Power : 160 watt  ||  Speaker : 4 x 8 Inch
 Power : 400 watt  ||  Speaker : 4 x 10 Inch

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Cabinet Manufacturing Details

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Other Amp Series

Alphanso Rock 52
52 watt || Guitar Amp

Alphanso Rock 52
52 watt || Guitar Amp

Alphanso Rock 52
52 watt || Guitar Amp